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Randy Groves Earle Hagen

The Online Gallery of Randy Groves

Memorable Moments in the American Civil War

Sculptures Themes

Other Civil War

Heroes on Land and Sea

Nathan Bedford Forrest
General Nathan Bedford Forrest

James Longstreet
General James Longstreet

Horace Lawson Hunley
Captain Horace Lawson Hunley

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
President Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
The Great Emancipator

Moments of Human Glory and Pain

Pickett's Charge
"Colors Forward!"

brothers on opposing sides
"Bitter Reunion"

Pickett's Charge
"High-Water Mark

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General Winfield Scott Hancock Wounded on Cemetary Hill

As the Confederates charged the Union lines on Cemetery Hill General Hancock passed behind his troops, on horseback, to steady them under the horrendous fire they were receiving. As he did so, a minie ball passed through his saddle and embedded itself in his upper thigh near the groin. He was helped down from his horse but refused to leave the field until the outcome was apparent. An aide propped him up against an empty ammunition case and applied a tourniquet to his wound by winding a piece of cloth around a pistol barrel.

Winfield Scott Hancock

This carving, in Butternut, depicts General Hancock, with the pistol barrel tourniquet around his leg, intently following the battle as it progresses.

The piece is currently on display in the Southwood Sculpture Studio

69th Pennsylvania Infantry meets Pickettt's Charge

During the Battle of Gettysburg, as the remnants of Pickett's Charge reached the stone wall near a copse of trees, they were met by the 69th Pennsylvania infantry. Many of the Pennsylvanians were out of ammunition by that time, and fierce hand to hand fighting ensued.

69th Pennsylvania Infantry

The piece depicts a 69th infantryman with his musket reversed for use as a club as he steps up on the wall to administer a blow.

This carving is in a private collection in Pennsylvania

Other pieces from the
CIVIL WAR series

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Irish Brigade Monument sculpture
Irish Brigade Monument
in Bronze & pecanwood

Robert E. Lee sculpture
General Robert E. Lee in bronze and White Marble; Relief in Bronze, Marble and Pecanwood

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain sculpture
Joshua Lawrence Chamverlain bust
in Bronze, White Marble & Pecanwood as well as figure at Little Round Top

Civil War Desktop Pieces
Chamberlain, Lee, Lincoln, Longstreet, Jackson

of John Rogers