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Randy Groves Earle Hagen

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Humpback Whale in Bronze

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Humpback Whale
in Pecan Wood

The original for the Humpback Whale was hand carved from a single piece of Butternut wood by artist Randy Groves.

Humpback whale

 A mold was created from the original and a limited edition was cast. The Whales were cast in two mediums, either bonded pecan wood or in cold cast Bronze. unique.  The pieces were then mounted on Maple burls using an acrylic rod which “disappears” into the background giving the illusion the Whale is swimming above the ocean floor. The burls are imported from Oregon and, as they are a naturally occurring part of the Maple tree, each is

Humpback whale


The humpback whale is available in cold cast bronze and pecan wood, both on a maple burl base.

Each Whale has been signed and numbered under the tail by Randy Groves.

The Whale itself is 16" long by 8" high. The bases vary in size as they are a natural occurring growth.

Edition in cold cast bronze:  $350

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