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Randy Groves Earle Hagen

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Lore & Legend

Sculptures Themes

The sphere of lore and legend, ranging from traditions of native peoples to classic images from history has been one which has always fascinated Randy Groves, and the following offerings genuinely proclaim the breadth of his range.

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Knight & Child sculptureKnight & Child sculpture  Knight &Child in Bronze & marble

From the Age of Chivalry right through the present -  when it could just as easily be a metaphor for a fireman saving an infant from a burning high rise - the Knight and Child sculpture represents a classic theme which Randy Groves has executed with pathos and nobility.

Iroquois False Face Dancer    Iroquois False Fase Dancer in bronze

The False Face Dancer is one of the most intricate pieces in the Southwood Sculpture catalogue, detailing an ancient Iroquois healing ceremony.

Shape shifter     Transformation" in bronze & Pecan Wood

“Transformation” captures a “shape shifter” in the moment of changing from a human into a bird.  It is a piece which itself has the feeling of being alive and moving.

Drummer Boy     "Ordered to the Rear" in Bronze

“Ordered to the Rear” depicts the eternal drummer boy, placed at the back of the line for his own protection, but attempting to give the impression that he is leading the charge.

Cheyene Warrior     Cheyenne Warrior carving

The Cheyenne Warrior is a wood carving from Randy Groves' earliest career.