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Randy Groves Earle Hagen

The Online Gallery of Randy Groves

Desktop Sculpture of General James Longstreet

Sculptures Themes

Other DESKTOP SCULPTURES of important figures from the American Civil War

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain sculpture
     Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Robert E. Lee sculpture     
General Robert E. Lee

Abraham Lincoln sculpture     
President Abraham Lincoln

Stonewall Jackson sculpture     
General Stonewall Jackson

James Longstreet sculpture
General James Longst

Remarks of-Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain watching the surrender at Appomatox - April 12 1865.

"Let the batteries open. Order great care and precision in firing. When the batteries at the Peach Orchard cannot be used against the point we intend to attack, let them open on the enemies on the rocky hill."

General Longstreet to Colonel Walton, Washington Artillery
   Gettysburg, July 3, 1863

James Longstreet

"General, If you put every Union soldier now on the other side of the Potomac on that field to approach me over the same line, I will kill them all before they reach my line."

General Longstreet to General Lee
    Battle of Fredericksburg

James Longstreet

"I do not want to make this charge. I do not see how it can succeed. I would not make it now but that General Lee has ordered it and expects it."

General Longstreet referring to Pickett's Charge
   Gettysburg, July 3, 1863

James Longstreet

The Desktop series of Civil War busts was begun in 2001 as a means of making sculpture available to a wide range of the public.   Each bust is sculpted in clay with painstaking attention to detail in likeness, uniform and insignia. The clay bust is then hardened and used to create a mold which is used in the casting of the final sculpture.

The medium used is a type of ground White Marble that is fused with a bonding agent to give the finished piece the appearance of finely chiselled Marble. The designation "Desktop" is derived from the size of the bust. At 5 inches in height by 3 inches in width the sculpture is large enough to be pleasing to the eye yet not interfere with work taking place at the desk.

Price: $25

Other pieces from the CIVIL WAR series

(click image to view details and images of the sculpture)

Irish Brigade Monument sculpture
Irish Brigade Monument
in Bronze & bonded
Robert E. Lee sculpture
General Robert E. Lee in bronze and White Marble; Relief in Bronze, Marble and Pecanwood

Woodcarvings on Civil War subjects

of John Rogers

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain sculpture
Fascinating views of the Little Roundtop figure in progress, taking the sculpture from clay