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Randy Groves Earle Hagen

The Online Gallery of Randy Groves

Iroquois False Face Dancer in Bronze

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Shape shifter
"Transformation" in Pecan wood.

     "Transformation" in pecanwood

Sculptor Randy Groves has recreated the False Face Dancer as the first in a series of sculptures celebrating the history of Native American peoples.

Iroquois False Face Dancer

The most famous medicine society of the Iroquois was the False Face Society, whose masks were sometimes carved from a growing basswood tree. They represented disembodied beings, and when worn by society members, the sick were healed by blowing on them through the mouths of the masks.

Iroquois False Face Dancer

The Dancer is depicted in the midst of a ceremonial dance in which the frightening appearance of the mask, ritual chanting, and the loud shaking of his turtle shell and gourd rattles was designed to drive away the evil spirits that caused illness.

Iroquois False Face Dancer


The False Face Dancer, cold cast in Bronze, has been mounted on a solid Walnut base. Each sculpture has been signed and numbered by the artist.

The Iroquois False Face Dancer is 13" high, and 12" wide.

In Cold Cast Bronze on Walnut - $350

This item is available for purchase from Southwood Sculpture Studio

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