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Randy Groves Earle Hagen

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Irish Brigade Monument in Pecan Wood

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Irish Brigade Monument sculpture
Irish Brigade Monument
in Bronze

Irish Brigade Monument in
red clay maquette

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Being one of the most striking Gettysburg memorials, visitors to the battlefield have continually expressed a desire to have the Irish Brigade Monument  represented  in miniature for their collections.  Randy Groves accepted the commission, and created a painstakingly detailed sculpture which replicates the original down to the most minute feature.

Not only is the Irish Brigade Monument something unique among Randy Groves' evocative work bringing to life individuals and scenes from the Civil War, it is also a piece which has involved significant challenges and personal connections.  It seems appropriate then, to hear his own remarks about the sculpture.

Irish Brigade monument

 “As I'm of Irish descent, I was absolutely delighted to be asked to recreate O'Donovan's Irish Brigade Monument in a form people could enjoy in their homes. This monument has long been a favorite of mine, as it incorporates so many Irish symbols to pay tribute to a group that began, in America, as very much second class citizens.

Irish Brigade monument

The Irish proved themselves throughout the Civil War on field after field, and by the end of the War, had removed any doubts about their standing as citizens. The monument is a testament to their tenacity.

Despite my enthusiasm to take on this project, it was obvious to me there were many challenges presented, as this was a great departure from my usual work. Normally I work mainly in a sort of "free form" style as opposed to the precise measurements and geometry that were entailed in the creation of this piece. I also had to be consciously aware of the style of the sculpting.

Irish Brigade monument           

O'Donovan's style is different in many ways to my own, and I wanted my recreation to reflect the original as closely as possible. The Irish Symbols and the amount of text was also given a great deal of attention. I wanted to include the text in it's entirety rather than just representing it as a series of lines and marks. So I had to find a way to do that in a fashion that was tiny, yet legible. I believe the end result is one that has remained true to O'Donovan's original intention, to honor a brave and resourceful people.”

Randy Groves' Irish Brigade Monument, is a painstakingly detailed sculpture available in bronze and pecan wood.  While an inanimate object, it unquestionably bears all the feeling that his sculptures of historical and mythical figures radiate.

Dimensions of this sculpture are 14" tall X 7" wide X 6" deep.

Edition in Bonded Pecan Wood - $175

Edition in Cold Cast Bronze - $450

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