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Randy Groves Home Page

Welcome to
Southwood Sculpture
the online gallery of noted artist Randy Groves
where imposing figures and moments in History are revisited in Bronze, Marble and Wood

On February 18, 2011 the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
commissioned Randy Groves to sculpt a bust of the late ABC anchorman Peter Jennings for the TV Academy Hall of Fame Plaza Sculpture Garden.

Randy Groves' bronze bust of Peter Jennings

(see more photos on the Peter Jennings page)

The Peter Jennings piece represents Randy Groves second work for the TV Academy, the first being his bust of composer Earle Hagen.

Randy Groves working on the early stages of his bust of the legendary composer and conductor Earle Hagen

And the finished piece at the TV Academy Hall of Fame

(see more on the TV Hall of Fame Plaza Sculpture Garden page

Randy Groves is most renowned for his compelling and detailed pieces relating to the American Civil War. These include his bronze, marble and pecanwood busts of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Robert E. Lee, as well as the imposing Irish Brigade Monument.  

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Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Robert E. Lee sculpture
Robert E. Lee
Irish Brigade Monument sculpture
Irish Brigade Monument

Randy Groves' LORE AND LEGEND series takes the theme of conflict to a more universal level in his Drummer Boy figure and Knight & Child, but also delves into the cultures of Native Peoples in the Iroquois False Face Dancer and  Shape Shifter sculptures.

Drummer Boy
"Ordered to
the Rear"
Knight & Child sculpture
Knight & Child
Iroquois False Face Dancer
False Face Dancer
Shape Shifter

A third major subject area for Randy Groves has been creatures of the deep - the humpback whale and the manta.

For the budget-minded, Randy Groves has also made available smaller-sized busts of renowned Civil War figures in the Desktop Series.

Those who are only familiar with Randy Groves' work in bronze and marble will enjoy the opportunity to view the range of his woodcarvings on both Civil War and marine subjects in the online gallery.

Aquatic Sculptures by Randy Groves
Aquatic Series

Desktop Sculptures by Randy Groves
Desktop Pieces
Pickett's Charge

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Shortly before the passing of his dear friend, composer Earle Hagen, the scope of Randy Groves' work widened into a new area as he sought to capture the essence of Earle Hagen in a life-size bust which is now being cast. Unique photos below show the wax edition taken at the foundry.

Bust of Earle Hagen awaiting shipment to the foundry for casting