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Irish Brigade Monument in Bronze

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Irish Brigade Monument  
in bonded pecan wood

Irish Brigade Monument in
red clay maquette

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Being one of the most striking Gettysburg memorials, visitors to the battlefield have continually expressed a desire to have the Irish Brigade Monument  represented  in miniature for their collections.  Randy Groves accepted the commission, and created a painstakingly detailed sculpture which replicates the original down to the most minute feature.

Irish Brigade monument

After completing the red clay maquette (see left),  the final piece was cast in  bonded Pecan wood as well as an open edition  in cold cast bronze and a limited edition in hot cast Bronze. These were both met with overwhelming approval when Randy Groves introduced them at his annual appearance at the Gettysburg History Meets the Arts festival in April 2006.

Irish Brigade monument           

The artist, O'Donovan, created a bronze and granite base supporting an ornate Celtic cross with a life-sized Irish wolfhound lying at the base mourning its lost masters.

Irish Brigade monument

The cross bears the corps badge of the Second Corps, the trefoil, as well as four medallions denoting the numeric designations of the three regiments and the state seal of New York. There is an additional bronze panel depicting numerous Irish symbols. Bronze plaques on three sides of the base provide brief histories of the regiments.

Irish Brigade monument

Dedicated on July 2, 1888, the 25th anniversary of the Irish Brigade's fierce fight in the Wheatfield, the three New York regiments, the 63rd, 69th and 88th New York, combined their state appropriations to have the Gettysburg Irish Brigade Monument created.


Dimensions of this sculpture are 14" tall X 7" wide X 6" deep.

Edition in Cold Cast Bronze - $450

Edition in Bonded Pecan Wood - $175

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