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Ordered to the Rear

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Robert E. Lee sculpture
General Robert E. Lee in bronze and White Marble; Relief in Bronze, Marble and Pecanwood

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain sculpture
Joshua Lawrence Chamverlain bust
in Bronze, White Marble & Pecanwood as well as figure at Little Round Top

Civil War Desktop Pieces
Chamberlain, Lee, Lincoln, Longstreet, Jackson

Woodcarvings on Civil War subjects

of John Rogers

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In Spring 2003, Randy Groves unveiled his  evocative sculpture of a youth in the American Civil War.  The piece depicts the traditional drummer boy, and his inevitable status as

“Ordered to the Rear”

Explaining the genus of the idea, Randy Groves states  that, while engaging in the copious research he does for all his pieces, he came across many letters and first-hand accounts relating to the role of a `drummer boy.'

It was the frequent case that these very young soldiers were sent to the rear, rather than going to battle alongside their comrades.  And this usually meant a formal order, as the boys were, naturally, very resistant to retreating to the back lines.

“I'm sure thoughts of a 10 or 12 year old son at home would prompt the officer to try to keep the young lads as much out of harms way as possible,” Randy Groves says.

In this sculpture, he indicates that what he was “attempting to capture was a boy who was resigned to the fact that he had to be at the rear.”  Portraying the essence of youth ever aiming for adulthood as soon as possible, the sculptor points to the young drummer's "resistant" attitude, indicated by the rakish tilt to the hat and the jacket slung over the shoulder, making him feel, and he hopes, appear like `one of the men.'

Students of the sculpting art may enjoy studying the clay model for the 'drummer boy".shown below.

Drummer boy


The figure is cast in bronze on a granite base with brass plaque.  

9” high x 7” wide.

Price: $250

Edition in Bonded Pecan Wood - $175

Sculptures from the Lore & Legend Series

     "Transformation" in pecanwood

Shape shifter
"Transformation" in Pecan wood.

False Face Dancer

Knight & Child sculpture
Knight and Child in white Marble

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Cheyene Warrior
Cheyenne Warrior