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Randy Groves Earle Hagen

The Online Gallery of Randy Groves

Civil War Sculpture

Sculptures Themes

Randy Groves' intense feeling for the pathos of the American Civil War, and the nobility, courage and statesmanship exhibited by individuals who stepped from obscurity to heroism is clearly evident in the wide range of sculptures inspired by the monumental conflict.

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His sensitive and haunting busts of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Robert E. Lee (as well as relief pieces of the latter) capture these men as few sculptors have done before.

Robert E. Lee sculptureGeneral Robert E. Lee busts in mediums of bronze and White Marbl as well as ; Relief in Bronze, Marble and Pecanwood

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain sculptureColonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
busts in mediums of bronze, pecanwood  and marble, as well as a figure at Little Round Top in bronze and pecanwood

Randy Groves' highly acclaimed and detailed recreation of the Irish Brigade Monument at Gettysburg reflects the countless pilgrimages the sculptor has made to the battlefield.

Irish Brigade Monument sculptureThe Irish Brigade Monument imposingly recreated in Bronze and also  bonded pecan wood

With an understanding of those who wish to honor Civil War heroes, but whose funds are limited, Randy Groves has instituted the marvellous “Desktop” series of smaller figures, which enables collector's on any budget to own a Randy Groves piece.

The Civil War Desktop Series includes busts of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, James Longstreet and Stonewall  Jackson

“Ordered to the Rear” is a particularly poignant depiction of the very young soldier kept at the back of the unit for his own safety.  While intended to be a youthful recruit in the American Civil War, this figure of a drummer boy is incredibly universal, and Randy Groves has captured a panoply of emotions in this endearing sculpture.

"Ordered to the Reer"

Randy Groves woodcarvings on the subject of the Civil War range from significant participants captured in memorable settings or historic moments to depictions of important events as well as more metaphorical pieces.  These unique and original works are mostly in the hands of private collectors, but we feel, a side of the sculptor's work which will greatly interest his many admirers.

Woodcarvings on Civil War subjects

To give an insight into part of the artistic process involved in bringing one of his figures to completion, visitors may follow the clay maquette of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain at Little Round Top as it develops into the completed sculpture. A fascinating sequence of images!

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain sculptureIntriguing views of the Little Roundtop figure in progress, taking the sculpture from clay maquette to finished work

In addition to creating his own original sculptures, Randy Groves has also been called on to restore precious pieces which have become damaged over time.

Restoration of sculpture by John Rogers