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Randy Groves Earle Hagen

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"Transformation" in Bronze

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Knight & Child sculpture
Knight and Child in white Marble

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"Transformation" is based on a legend that is present in every tribe in North America, telling of people normally referred to as "shape-shifters".

These individuals were reputed to have the ability to transform into animals and birds.

Shape shifter

This piece depicts the subject in the midst of the transformation into an eagle. The arms have undergone metamorphosis, and are quite feathered. The chest has also begun to feather.

Shape shifter

The figure is depicted standing on a mountain crag.  The `shape shifting' practice was always done in remote places.

Shape shifter

Note the expression on the face; a prayer is on his lips to generate the change.

Shape shifter

Shape shifter

Below you see “Transformation” as a work in progress before the casting in bronze.  Although the photo doesn't show it, there is an interesting aspect to this version of the work .  The form the figure is standing on is merely there to enable air bubbles to escape during the casting process.  This was removed from the bronzes, and replaced with the 'mountain' base as above.

Shape shifter

Shape shifter

Shape shifter

The "Transformation" is 14" high and 7" wide

Edition in Cold Cast Bronze - $280

Edition in Bonded Pecan Wood - $175

Shape Shifter
"Transformation" in Pecan wood.

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